Rick Moscoso – R2 Visual Studios and R2 Real Estate Media


Rick is the co-founder and marketing director for R2 Visual Studios and R2 Real Estate Media. As a product manager and media marketing producer for over 22 years for some of the top radiology medical imaging companies, his primary objective was to partner with luminary physicians in the U.S., consultation on new product development, evaluation through extensive clinical trials, create worldwide media marketing assets, and product launch to market.

As an outbound marketing professional, Rick has a long history of print and video marketing, as well as, online product creation and internet marketing expertise. In 2009, Rick co-founded R2 Visual Studios which provides commercial and consumer photography and videography for weddings, family portraits, actor head shots and event coverage. Rick also co-founded R2 Visual Media which provides high end real-estate media photography and cinematography to some of the most successful real estate agents in Southern California.