If you have incorporated a business as an S Corporation or a C Corporation, most states require that you keep careful records of the company’s activities on a yearly basis. Even LLC’s should properly plan and execute all business compliance rules inherit in corporate practice, in order to insure personal liability protection. Learn more from Bill and Rick in this show.


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Many business owners and investors doing business in multiple states often wonder whether their company, which is set up in one state, also needs to be registered into the other state(s) where they are doing business. In analyzing whether you need to register your out of state company in a state where you do business or own property it is helpful to understand two things: First, what does the state I’m looking to do business in require of out of state companies; and Second, what is the penalty for failure to comply.

Join Bill and Rick to explore these practical distinctions in order to keep your business protected and prosperous.

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Bill and Rick discuss important information that will address your ability to keep your business entity “up and running” smoothly. It will essentially cover the “red flags” that you need to be aware of in terms of what you must do and not do, in order to avoid having your entity labeled as a mere “shell”, thus allowing creditors and potential litigants to reach your personal assets in spite of your entity’s existence.